Volume 14, Number 1: 2019 ICAPE Papers and Proceedings

ICAPE Plenary Session

Contemporary Pluralistic Economics: an introduction to the ICAPE Plenary
Geoffrey E. Schneider

Social Economics and Its Relationship to Other Heterodox Schools of Economic Thought
Steven Pressman

Feminist political economy and the heterodoxy
Jennifer Cohen

The State of Post-Keynesian Economics and its connections with other heterodox perspectives
Matías Vernengo

Contemporary Original Institutional Economics: Principles, Status, and Relationship with Other Heterodox Schools of Thought
Geoffrey E. Schneider

Radical Political Economics
Paddy Quick, St. Francis College

Papers and Proceedings

The Principles of Radical Political Economics
By Al Campbell, Ann Davis, David Fields, Paddy Quick, Jared Ragusett and Geoffrey Schneider

AFIT and Original Institutionalism—Forty years of AFIT
By William Waller

From Integrated Capitalism to Disintegrating Capitalism
By Hardy Hanappi

Prices, institutions and the coordination of economic growth
By Paolo Ramazzotti

Political Economy of Social Exclusion and Inclusion: Case of a bifurcated State in India
By Swarna Sadasivam Vepa

Causes of the Decline of the US Wage Share 1960-2015
By Deon Gibson