Volume 11 Number 1 – April 2017

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Volume 11, Number 1


  1. The Validity of Walras’ Law in a Monetary Productive Economy with Bonds: Loanable Funds theory vs Liquidity Preference theory by Narciso Túñez
  2. The Polarization of Economics by Jürgen Kremer
  3. “Right to Work” Policy and Economic Growth: A Kaleckian Alternative by William R. Baca Mejia and Bradley L. DiMariano
  4. Putty capital and clay labor: Differing European Union capital and labor freedom speeds in times of European migration by Julia M. Puaschunder

Book Reviews

  1. Reclaiming Pluralism in Economics by Jerry Courvisanos, James Doughney and Alex Millmow Reviewed by Salewa ‘Yinka Olawoye
  2. The Privileges of Wealth: Rising Inequality and the Growing Racial Divide, by Robert B. Williams Reviewed by Michael J. Murray