Volume 11, Number 2 – October 2017

Papers and Proceedings of the:

2017 International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics (ICAPE)


  1. Towards Real Pluralism in Economics: An Introduction to the Proceedings Issue of the 2017 ICAPE Conference
    • Geoffrey E. Schneider
  2. How Happiness can lead to more Efficiency? A New Paradigm Adapted to the World Knowledge Economy
    • Camille Baulant 
  3. Developing Heterodox Economics Curriculum: The case of John Jay College
    • Geert L. Dhondt, Mathieu Dufour, Jay Hamilton, Ian J. Seda-Irizarry
  4. Federal Wealth Policies in Support of Jim Crow: Using an Anti-Racist Perspective to Inform Political Economy
    • Robert B. Williams 
  5. The Allied Social Science Meetings: Diversity Versus Inclusivity
    • Robin Bartlett, Zarrina H. Juraqulova
  6. Gender Roles and Girls’ Education in Burkina Faso: A Tale of Heterogeneity between Rural Communities
    • Regina Gemignani, Quentin Wodon 
  7. An Analysis of the 2016 U.S. Republican Presidential Primary Election
    • Richard V. Adkisson, James T. Peach 
  8. Investment Expenditures of Local municipalities in Japan in the 2000s
    • Masato Miyazaki 
  9. Modern Capitalism and Modern Marxism
    • Bruce E. Parry, Melvin Rothenberg
  10. Is Marx’s Theory Evolutionary or Revolutionary?
    • Jesús Muñoz