Volume 13, Issue 1 – Papers and Proceedings of the 2018 ICAPE Conference

Pluralism and Economics 10 Years after the Crisis and 200 Years after Marx’s Birth: An Introduction to the ICAPE Plenary Session
Geoffrey E. Schneider

Comments on Pluralism and Economics 10 Years after the Crisis and 200 years after Marx’s birth
William Waller

Pluralism in Economics: A Retrospective View
Julie A. Nelson

Toward a Coherent Framework for Pluralism and Economics
Anwar Shaikh

Institutions and Consistent Corruption
Richard V. Adkisson

Anatomy of Economic Activity: There are Two Main Flows
Terrance Quinn

Embracing Pluralism for Keeping Economics Relevant‐ Introductory Courses Could Pave the Way
Sucharita Sinha Mukherjee

Evolution from Democracy to Manipulocracy in the Crisis of State Sovereignty
Sedef Aslı Topal

Shaky Fundamentals and Economics ‘Science’
John McDermott

The Unreal Basis of Neoclassical Economics
Al Campbell, Ann Davis, David Fields, Paddy Quick, Jared Ragusett and Geoffrey Schneider

Keeping Class in the Conversation in the Age of the 1%
Geert L. Dhondt, Mathieu Dufour, Ian J. Seda-Irizarry

Economic Impact of Border Tax to Exchange Rate and Balance of Trade
Rolando A. Santos

Extending the Harrod-Domar Model: Warranted Growth with Immigration, Natural Environmental Constraints, and Technological Change
Hendrik Vandenberg, Alfredo R. M. Rosete

Do local allocation tax grants boost the issuance of road bonds? Evidence from Japan’s local governments
Masato Miyazaki