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The editors at the American Review of Political Economy welcome high-quality submissions from all perspectives of the discipline. We are especially open to submissions from all branches of heterodox economics, including Feminist Economics, Black Political Economy, Post Keynesian, Institutionalist, Marxian, Sraffian, Austrian, and Classical Political Economy.

Current Issue: Volume 16., Number 1.

The unilateral gift economy conjecture,
Genevieve Vaughan

PDF| Published online 1-6-2021 |doi: 10.38024/arpe.vg.1.6.21


Gentrification and Care: A Theoretical Model. by Laura Nussbaum-Barbarena and Afredo R. M. Rosete

Laura Nussbaum-Barbarena

Alfredo R. M. Rosete

PDF| Published online 1-11-2021 |doi: 10.38024/arpe.br.1.11.21


Heterodox Microeconomics: A Spatial Turn for Environmental Health and Just Food System Social Provisioning

Benjamin Wilson

Alison L. Humphrey

Christina E. Ciaccio

PDF| Published online 1-11-2021 |doi: 10.38024/arpe.whc.1.11.21

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